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Location and Times

Training is held at our location in beautiful Concord, NH – only one hour from the White Mountains, the Eastern Seacoast, and Historic Boston!  Our address:  Technology Education Concepts, Inc., 32 Commercial Street, Concord, NH.  Training is held 8:30am – 5:00pm daily with registration on the first day 8:00-8:30am. Evening lab time is also available.

No experience necessary! All skill levels welcome!

Come to TEC Summer Institute for 2- or 3-days of intensive, individualized, hands-on training and S.T.E.M.-Oriented activities for educators taught by certified professional educators!  Training is held at our location in beautiful Concord, NH – only one hour from the White Mountains, the Eastern Seacoast and Historic Boston.

Graduate Credits Available!

Don’t miss this easy and affordable opportunity to earn Graduate Credits made available through Keene State College, an affiliate of the University System of NH!  Up to two (2) Graduate Credits are available per course.  The cost is only $239/credit. Forms and information will be available at TSI.

Course Offerings  [Jump to:   3D Printing in the Classroom]

Laser Technologies in Your Classroom and School!

Taught by:  Bob Levin, Instructor at Richard W Creteau Reg Technology Center, NH

Choose between a 2- or 3- day course of Intensive, individualized, hands-on training and S.T.E.M.-Oriented activities!


2-Day Course July 11 & 12
Basic Concepts
Cost: $445
Class Max: 8
Eligible for one graduate credit
** FULL **
3-Day Course July 11, 12 & 13
Basic and Advanced Concepts
Cost: $645
Class Max: 8
Eligible for two graduate credits
Limited seats available

Course Overviews

Attendees can take just the Basic Concepts Course or take both the Basic Concepts Course and the Advanced Concepts course together. All Lab Materials are included with the course!

Course Description for Basic Concepts 2-day Course (click)

Basic Concepts:  Laser Technology crosses many disciplines: Manufacturing, Graphics, Material Processing, CAD/CAM, Entrepreneurship, Art, etc. In addition to the above areas, time will be spent on Laser types, Laser properties, control software and image generation. Other covered topics will include power, speed, DPI, PPI, vector and raster laser variables. Attendees will experience the CO2 laser effect on various easily accessible materials for the classroom (i.e. paper, wood, metal, glass, cloth, plastics, etc.). Instructors will leave with a comprehensive procedural format to bring Laser Technology education to students.   Lab Fee: FREE! TEC, Inc. is supplying complimentary laser material samples to attendees! If you have a special project, bring it along.

Course Description for Basic Concepts + Advanced Concepts 3-day Course (click)

Advanced Concepts:  Once the beginner concepts of Laser Technologies has been experienced, it’s time to move on to the  Advanced Level!  Learn more about “best lasering” practices based on various applications, materials, power, speed, and other important variables that impact the lasering result.  Discuss the possibilities of Entrepreneurship in your classroom for the school and community and how easy it is for your classroom to turn projects into product$$!  More time is also allowed for individual projects, so be sure to bring a few of your own. Lab Fee: FREE! TEC, Inc. is supplying complimentary laser material samples to attendees!

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Successful Desktop 3D Printing in the Classroom Starts Here!
Taught by: Liz Arum, Education Community Strategist for Ultimaker North America

July 18-20
3-day Course
Cost: $349
Class Max: 12
Eligible for two graduate credits
Limited seats available

Course Overview

This 3D printing workshop is an intensive hands-on 3-day training for educators who want to incorporate 3D printing into their teaching practice. The workshop will bridge your experience in the classroom with new tech tools and design strategies, and you will be encouraged to find ways to utilize technology to your advantage.

Course Description 3-day Course (click)

Whether you teach k12, higher ed, or work in an informal learning environment, integrating 3D Printing into your teaching practice will help you meet the following objectives:

  • Encourage students to be more responsible for their own learning outcomes.
  • Foster important questions in the minds of learners.
  • Build cooperative learning opportunities.
  • Support personal student exploration in the pursuit of a learning objective.
  • Build resiliency by taking advantage of rapid prototyping and testing techniques.
  • Develop communication skills through continuous documentation and sharing.

This workshop will cover the following topics and allow you to gain experience designing and printing your own 3D models, and help you design your own lesson that incorporates 3D printing.

  • Brief history of 3D printing
  • Overview of current and future uses (product design, fashion, medicine, architecture, science, etc)
  • Overview of materials that can be used with desktop 3D printing
  • Overview of repositories—where to find models
  • An introduction to designing with precision (calipers and sketches)
  • Design fundamentals, including characteristics specific to 3D printing
  • Repairing files
  • Understanding 3D terminology
  • An overview of modeling software and how to decide which to use for different jobs (tinkercad, morphi, sketchup, blender, Autodesk suite, etc)
  • How an Ultimaker works
    • Loading
    • Unloading
    • Cura
    • Changing filament during a print
    • Maintenance
  • Scanning
  • Overview of Post-processing options with options to create simple molds
  • Curriculum/lesson ideas
  • Documenting projects
  • About Licensing—What is creative commons?

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Class availability subject to enrollment.  Classes run 8:30 am -5:00 pm daily with registration on the first day 8:00 am – 8:30 am. Please note that the titles, descriptions, and pricing of our sessions may change.

Hope you can join us!  Limited Seats Available!

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